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  • French Daisy

    Jasmine green tea with fresh lemon enhanced with striking natural colors from butterfly pea

  • Green Mojito

    Special jasmine green tea mixed with mint and key lime

  • Grasshopper

    Green tea with natural jasmine flower mixed with cucumber juice

  • Rose Garden

    Aromatic Jasmine green tea combined with rose and lychee

  • Grapefruit Punch

    Special blend oolong tea mixed with fresh grapefruit juice

  • Toxic Garden

    Fresh-juiced greens of celery, kale, and cucumber, mixed with freshly brewed jade tea

  • Arnold Palmer

    Special blend black tea with lemon

  • Organic Matcha Mojito

    Organic match green tea mixed with in-house organic mojito

  • Coffee Mojito

    Special blend dark roast coffee mixed with house made organic mojito

  • Honest Guy

    Jade tea mixed with fresh pineapple juice, hint of cherry and housemate special syrup

  • Strawberry Jasmine

    Jasmine green tea mixed with fresh strawberries

  • Watermelon Rose Mojito

    Special blend oolong tea mixed with fresh watermelon juice and mint

  • Redstraw Milk Tea

    Special blend black tea with organic milk

  • Jasmine Green Milk Tea

    Jasmine green tea with organic milk

  • Jasmine Green Sea Salt Cream

    Jasmine green tea topped with organic sea salt cream

  • Organic Honey Oolong Milk Tea

    Honey oolong tea with organic milk

  • Organic Honey Oolong Sea Salt Cream

    Honey oolong tea topped with organic sea salt cream

  • Thai Tea

    Original Thai Tea

  • Thai Sea Salt Cream

    Original Thai tea topped with organic sea salt cream

  • Organic Rooibos Milk Tea

    Original Thai tea topped with organic sea salt cream
    Caffeine free

  • Matcha Latte

    Organic matcha green tea with organic cream

  • Coffee Sea Salt Cream

    Special blend dark roast coffee topped with organic sea salt cream

Black Tea

  • Earl Grey

    Smooth caffeinated black tea with bergamot oil

  • English Breakfast Tea

    Special blend of Indian and Chinese black tea

  • Queen Victoria

    Harmonious combination of stout black, green and flowery teas

  • Blue Lady

    Ceylon tea flavored with natural grapefruit, citrus and blue mallow flowers

  • Raspberry Black

    Special blend of black tea flavored with natural raspberry

  • Peach Mandarin

    Oriental black tea flavored with juicy, ripe peach

  • Earl Grey Creme

    Oriental black tea hand blended with fragrant bergamot oil and French vanilla

  • Green Tea

    • Japanese Cherry Sakura

      Green tea from Japan flavored with natural cherries

    • Genmaicha

      Bancha green tea from Japan, nutty and earthy with brown rice kernels

    • Oolong Tea

      • Organic Honey Oolong

        Distinctive organic tea, baked perfectly to create a smooth, fragrant finish

      • Osmanthus Oolong

        Green oolong, infused with osmanthus flower resulting in a fresh, floral aroma

      • Fruit Blend Tisanes

        • Blood Orange

          Perfect combination of orange peel, apple, hibiscus, rose petals and rose hips

        • New Zealand Sunny Slopes

          Delicious blend of natural kiwi, strawberry, apple and other natural fruit
          High in Vitamin C

        • Chai Tea

          • Red Garden Chai

            Himalayan's authentic spices mixed with South African rooibos

          • Herbal Tea

            • Chamomile

              Egyptian chamomile flowers lend mild, but fragrant sweet notes

            • Organic Rooibos

              South Africa's magical red tea, aromatic and incredibly rich in antioxidants

            • Organic Vanilla Peach Rooibos

              Aromatic rooibos blended with rich vanilla and ripe peach

            • Garden Treat

              A unique, soothing blend of herbs: jasmine flowers, rose hips, comfrey, chamomile, alfalfa, spearmint and peppermint

            • Rose Buds

              Unopened rosebuds leave a lingering fragrance that tastes as beautiful as it looks

            • Red Ginseng

              Wellness tea made from the premier Korean red ginseng, grown for six years

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